Devon MD is the exclusive extriCARE® distributor of NPWT systems to help aid in wound healing in the United States.

King of Prussia, PA: Devon MD, medical devices for DVT prevention, wound care and other compression therapies, is proud to announce Devon Medical Products (Jiangsu) LTD appoints Devon MD as exclusive US Distributor for extriCARE® Negative Pressure Wound Care (NPWT) products.

“We are excited to adding a quality extension to our therapeutic medical device product line,” stated Dr. John A. Bennett, Devon MD CEO. “We strive to offer products that help healthcare providers and facilities lead their patients to enhanced patient care.”

The extriCARE® negative pressure wound therapy system consists of pumps and dressing kits that are  used to remove excess fluids and other detrimental material from a patient’s non-healing, chronic, acute and other wounds as well as encourage contraction while protecting the wound. The pumps create a continuous or intermittent form of negative which allows for better drainage and may promote quicker healing.

“We know healthcare costs are on the rise in the US and globally and that is why Devon MD chooses products that helps healthcare facilities offer a more opportune, effective and affordable patient care approach,” affirms Dr. Bennett. “We feel adding the extriCARE system to our product portfolio will enhance the long term diversification progression within our company.”

About Devon MD

Devon MD, a US division of Devon Medical Products (Jiangsu) LTD, manufactures portable DVT prevention devices, NPWT devices and lymphedema devices. Pioneers in preventive DVT care for post-surgery patients, travelers, high-risk pregnancy patients and general patients at risk to DVT. The foundation of Devon MD was built off of a long-standing business specializing in the medical and healthcare space, the Devon International Group. For more information please visit