We have two types of NPWT Dressings available. The black foam dressings and patented anatomically fitted bandage dressings for use with both of our extriCARE® NPWT Devices.

Our foam NPWT dressings come in three sizes, small, medium or large, and come in a kit with adhesive film, connector tubing, and a suction bell.

The anatomically fitted bandage dressings come in many different sizes for use on different parts of the body, including the foot.


  • Easy to Use: Making wound prep and application time quick and easy.
  • Versatile: Available in many different shapes and sizes for different types of wounds on all parts of the body.
  • Effective: The foam NPWT dressings help promote cellular activity and formulation of granulation tissues in the wound, which may help promote healing.

Easy to Use. Versatile. Effective.

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