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The foundation of Devon MD was built off of a long standing business specializing in the medical and healthcare space, the Devon International Group.  Devon MD is a Manufacturer and Distributor or medical therapy devices and other innovation medical products. We are the US division of Devon Medical Products (Jiangsu) LTD, manufactures portable DVT prevention devices, NPWT devices and lymphedema devices. Pioneers in preventive DVT care for post-surgery patients, travelers, high-risk pregnancy patients and general patients at risk to DVT.

What Patients Say about our products!

Our Products Help People Heal​

The Devon DVT device was a huge help. After my 2nd knee replacement, my Doctor prescribed that I wear one to help prevent blood clots in my legs. Wish I had this when I had my other knee done!
After consulting with my Doctor, I got a pair of the DVT prevention devices to wear during my long business flights. I no longer have pain in my legs after traveling.
I have diabetes, and suffered a large sore on my foot. The Devon Negative Wound device was a huge help in my healing process.